10 Kid-Friendly Home DIY Projects

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Kids love home improvement projects. They get excited over new toys, gadgets, games, and even food. But most parents dread the idea of having to spend hours cleaning up messes and dealing with sticky fingers.

It doesn’t have to be that way! This article lists 10 kid-friendly home DIY projects you can complete without a mess. These projects include everything from painting walls to building a backyard treehouse.

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Kid-Friendly Home DIY Projects: Improvise a Sofa Fort

Kid Friendly Home DIY Projects Improvise A Sofa Fort

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Do your children like to pull apart your furniture to make a fort? This DIY project is great for children, as no messy materials or tools are required.

To make a sofa fort, you’ll need some everyday items like cushions, bedsheets, and other items of furniture you can use to prop up the fort.

Depending on the age of your children, they may need some assistance with putting the sofa fort together, but the idea is to let them take the lead with the design.

You can also give your children a mattress to use during this project. This can be used as the floor in the fort to make it comfy and prevent injuries in case of falls.

Paint Some Pots

Kids love to paint pottery. It’s simple and fun, and it lets your kids use their wonderful imaginations to decorate something.

All you need for this project is some kids’ paints and brushes and an outdoor area where your children are free to make a mess. You can give your children some direction for this task by asking them to paint something specific, like flowers or animals.

Kid-Friendly Home DIY Projects: Use Their Artwork

Kid Friendly Home DIY Projects Use Their Artwork

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Children often spend hours drawing pictures or making paintings. They also bring home a bunch of art projects from school. Typically, this artwork is stuck on the fridge with a magnet, but you can put it to better use.

Have your children make frames for their artwork using old cardboard boxes. These frames can be decorated with colors and paints and attached to their favorite drawings. You can then display the framed drawings by hanging them up around your house.

Mason Jar Craft Projects

Mason jars are versatile, inexpensive, and easy to use, and you can make anything out of them. This makes them great for craft projects.

For example, you can fill jars with sand, soil, rocks, or even water to make terrariums. Terrariums are miniature ecosystems made from glass jars filled with dirt, moss, and other natural elements.

You can also use colored sand to make layer designs of different colors. These look fantastic, are simple to make, and with some supervision, won’t make a terrible mess in your kitchen.

Kid-Friendly Home DIY Projects: Get Festive with Holiday Decorations

Kid Friendly Home DIY Projects Festive Holiday Decorations

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If you want to add a bit more creativity to your holiday season, try getting your children involved in creating decorations. Children enjoy being creative and will have fun decorating items such as Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands.

They can also create unique gifts for friends and family members. For instance, you could ask your child to make snowmen out of colored lollipop sticks like in the image above.

Kite Crafted from Drinking Straws

These kites are great for children who want to learn how kites work. You just need some drinking straws, string, and some thin plastic like the type found in garbage bags.

To do this project, all you need to do is to make a cross out of plastic straws and then connect the ends of the straws with other straws to form a frame.

Then simply stick the plastic sheet onto the frame and attach a string at the bottom, and you’ve got a kite. This project is awesome, as your children get a toy to play with at the end.

Kid-Friendly Home DIY Projects: Glitter Crafts

Kid Friendly Home DIY Projects Glitter Crafts

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Glitter crafts are an excellent way of keeping the little ones busy for a few hours. The best way of doing DIY glitter projects is by getting your children to apply glitter onto a shape, picture, or design. This allows them to create beautiful artwork that they’ll love.

While children love sparkly glitter, parents generally despise the mess that it makes. Luckily your kids can still play with glitter without any of the mess using glitter glue markers.

Painting Walls with Kids

Just about any kid will love painting the walls of their house. While you probably don’t want your kids to paint highly-visible rooms like the living room and kitchen, consider letting your child paint their bedroom or an outdoor space not visible off the property.

Just be careful, as some paints pose hazards and can be incredibly difficult to remove in the case of a spill. So it’s best to do this DIY project with older children.

Kid-Friendly Home DIY Projects: Build a Treehouse

Kid Friendly Home DIY Projects Build A Treehouse

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This DIY project is one that will require adult help, tools, and expertise, but it’s one that your children will surely cherish.

The first step is to find a suitable tree. It needs to be easy enough for your child to climb up and down without any difficulty.

Next, you’ll need to gather the wood, power tools, and everything else you need for the task so you can get building.

You should ask your children for design ideas to help make them something that they love.

Twig Pots

Use twig planters to adorn your interior spaces with a natural beauty. Making these cute planters is a fun activity for the whole family.

Gather some twigs, then wash and cut them to the appropriate length for the plant pot you intend to decorate.

You can attach the twigs to the plant pot with some twine, string, or child-friendly glue. The twig planters can then be painted, varnished, or left unfinished.

With that, you have some great kid-friendly home DIY projects to do with your kiddos! 

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