7 DIY Projects to Upcycle Broken Glass

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Do you love being creative and hate waste? If yes, you’ll want to check out these 7 DIY projects to upcycle broken glass into something beautiful.

Because it can smash so easily, glass is one of the materials that are most difficult to recycle on a large scale basis. This indicates that it is burned or dumped in landfills, where it takes a very long time to degrade.

Suppose you’re looking for ways to use empty glass bottles or jars. In that case, we have a range of ideas for you to upcycle unwanted glass and turn it into a useful item.

Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse glass.

1. Vase


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You can turn unwanted, used glass into a new item in a few simple steps. For example, if you have empty jam jars, why not give them a makeover and create a flower vase feature. You already have an upcycled household item by removing any stickers and adding water.

If you’re feeling more creative, try collecting a few different jars. Once you have a small collection, wrap wire or a strong string around the vase neck. From there, you can create a top handle from either side. Do this for each one, then hang them from wherever you choose.

Top tip: Try running a wire through the handles to create a collective hanging vase feature.

2. Candle Holder

Candle Holder

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There are several ways to upcycle glass into candle holders.

The first is really simple! You may have been to a bar or restaurant with lighting made from empty spirit bottles… Well, you can do that too. All you’ll need to do is measure the width of the bottle opening and purchase a long, slim candle to insert into the top.

From there, you can decide whether to keep the original sticker and branding for an authentic upcycled look. Or, you can peel away the sticker, clean the bottle, and get creative with a paintbrush to make it your own.

Another way to create a candle holder from upcycled glass is to make your own inside an empty jar. You will first need some wax for melting and wicks. Then, with your empty jar (or whatever glass you have lying around), melt the wax into its new container and add the wick to the top. Then, wait for the wax to set.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can add other decorations to the melted wax. For example, glitter or flower petals.

And there you have it, a new range of candle holders for your home!

3. Lampshade


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In the same way, as you can upcycle glass bottles or jars to become candle holders, you can create the same concept but as a lampshade. You can use any type of glass, whether it be a wine bottle, jam jar, or any other shape you have come across. All you need is some fairy lights.

For a more sophisticated lampshade, you can drill a small hole in the bottom. First, check the type of glass you’re about to drill before you proceed (tempered glass will shatter). Next, you’ll need a glass-specific drill bit, this can be attached to most power drills, and you should find one in your local hardware store.

Once you’ve safely drilled a small hole into the bottom of the bottle, feed the fairy lights through it, so they gather in a cluster inside. Once they’re in, turn them on, and the lights will shine through the glass.

If you want to avoid using a drill, you can buy remote-controlled fairy lights. Once you’ve fed them through the top of the bottle, tape the control box and excess wire to the side of the bottle that won’t be on display for a similar effect.

4. Flower Garden

Flower Garden

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Have you ever thought about what you could do with that old fish tank that you have gathering dust in your garage? If your days of having a pet fish are over, try turning it into a flower pot or cacti garden.

All you need to do is add a layer of soil to the bottom of the bowl and insert your choice of flowers or plants.

Top Tip: Remember to do a bit of research beforehand as to what type of flower or plant will survive in that environment and where to place it in your house based on sunlight exposure.

5. Plant Pot

Plant Pot

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If you’ve got a collection of broken glass that you are looking to upcycle, then there are lots of different ways you can use them to beautify household objects. The first is a plant pot.

Chunks of flat broken glass create mosaics and can make the most boring item look beautiful. All you need is some strong glue, and you may want to consider wearing gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges.

Then, take your plant pot and glue the different pieces of glass around the surface. You can also use broken ceramic for the same effect.

6. Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

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Another upcycling project for empty glass jars is to turn them into soap dispensers. This simple transformation can add a touch of personality to your sink, not forgetting its useful and eco-friendly purpose!

Start by keeping the lid from the jar, so you don’t have to source another. Then, purchase some hand wash (or whatever you would like to dispense) in bulk, so you can fill up the jar as you need… This adds an eco-friendly touch to your creation!

To turn the jar into a dispenser, you will drill a hole through the lid, insert a dispenser (these can be bought new or saved from a previous purchase), and add in the soap.

There you have a fill-up dispenser, which will save you money too!

7. Snow Globe

Snow Globe

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Last but not least, we have the festive upcycled snow globe. This one can be created with an empty jar and as much or as little decoration as you like.

All you need to do is fill the bottom of the jar with snow-like crafts, for example, a broken-up polystyrene box or finely cut-up paper. Then, add in festive toys or decorations and place the top back on the jar. Once shaken, the ‘snow’ will form your very own DIY snow globe.

Wrapping Up

Repurposing unwanted glass doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Using these tips and tricks, you can turn practically anything into something beautiful through upcycling.


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