Expensive-Looking Home DIY Ideas for Less Than $100

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Do you love home improvement projects? Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive-looking home improvements?

There are tons of cheap home improvement ideas that will make your house look amazing without breaking the bank. In fact, most of these inexpensive home improvement ideas cost less than $100.

We’ve compiled a list of cheap home DIY ideas that you can do yourself for under $100. These include everything from painting walls to installing new flooring.

You should also check out the awesome ideas in the video above by Lindi and Russ for some extra inspiration before you start renovating.

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Home DIY Ideas: Refresh Your Rooms With Paint

Home DIY Ideas Refresh Your Rooms With Paint

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Painting is an easy way to freshen up your home without having to spend too much money. Even at $100, you don’t need any special expertise. Simple tools and materials are all that is needed.

You’ll need about one gallon of paint to cover 400 square feet of wall space. If you have a smaller space, you can store any extra paint and use it at a later date.

You can typically buy about two gallons of quality paint with some basic brushes for around $100. This is enough paint to cover a standard-sized kitchen or living room.

Lay Low-Cost Flooring in the Laundry Room

Vinyl tile is a great choice for floors in laundry rooms and mudrooms because it lasts longer than carpet and won’t trap dirt as hardwood does. Plus, it looks good enough to use in high-traffic areas where people might spill things.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are a simple way to add a durable floor without spending much money.

Standard, engineered, and laminate vinyl tiles are also available. Standard square tiles come in 10-foot-wide rolls. You can buy 36-by-48-inch sheets or 60-by-96-inch panels. Large panels simplify tile installation.

Use the right adhesive for the surface the tiles are going on. If you’re laying tiles on concrete, you’ll need cement backer board adhesive. If you’re placing tiles on wood subflooring, skip the cement backer board adhesive and apply it directly to the wood.

It’s a good idea to sample vinyl tiles before you commit to using them. Most stores sell one sheet of each size in trial bundles.

Home DIY Ideas: Hang Art on the Walls

home diy ideas hang art

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Art is typically associated with luxurious estates and high prices. However, you can find some classy art at bargain prices from artists living in your area.

Purchasing a good painting and hanging it on your walls is a fantastic way of improving your home to make it look more expensive without spending a fortune.

You can find cheap art in places like local cafes, small exhibits, and even from street vendors selling artwork for a living.

Choose a piece that’s large enough to fill the wall but not so big that it takes over the room. Canvas prints are ideal because they’re inexpensive and portable. Additionally, they work great if you want to switch out the image every few months.

If you don’t want to buy a painting, you could always buy some equipment and do some DIY art creation. Hanging your own paintings on the walls of your home will also give you a sense of pride in your interior decorations.

Add an Area Rug

home diy ideas add an area rug

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A rug provides comfort and charm to any house. They’re affordable, easy to clean, and sturdy. Here are some recommendations for choosing one.

Area rugs vary in size, material, color, design, and pattern. Consider how you’ll use a rug before buying one.

Remember to measure your room’s dimensions. Rugs that are overly narrow or lengthy can cause trips and falls.

After choosing a rug, it’s important to protect it. Immediately clean up any spills, and routinely vacuum to keep it clean. Avoid dragging heavy goods across your rug, and keep shoes off it to prevent damage from occurring.

Home DIY Ideas: Give Kitchen Cabinets a Flawless, New Finish

home diy ideas paint cabinets

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If you’re looking for a way to update the look of your kitchen without spending too much money, consider painting your cabinets. If you’ve got some experience working with wood, this is a great DIY project.

Before sanding cabinet doors, check the hardware (handles, knobs, hinges, drawer slides, etc.). Replacing the hardware isn’t expensive and will increase your home’s value. On the other hand, not replacing cabinet hardware could damage the finish.

Sand your cabinets to prepare them for priming. After sanding, brush off the dust and grime. Apply primer with a rag to each cabinet side. Before proceeding, let the primer dry.

Choose two paint colors. One color serves as a base, and the other is put over it. Two layers of paint are needed to make a smooth color transition.

Use Bookshelves for More Than Books

home diy ideas make a bookcase

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If you are looking to make a small room feel bigger and add some extra storage, consider adding bookcases. It’s one of the easiest and most effective home DIY ideas!

Whether you choose simple wooden shelves or an elaborate metal construction, keep in mind that it needs to fit within the size constraints of your room. You don’t want to end up with a large collection of books that takes over the entire room.

You can use bookshelves to store anything from children’s toys to collectibles like coins and stamps. They’re great for displaying family photos and memorabilia.

Just remember to keep them organized, neat, and clean.

To make your home look extra luxurious, put some indoor plants on your bookshelves along with some small sculptures or other items lying around your home.

Final Thoughts

If you have a little extra money lying around, why not use it to spruce up your home instead of blowing it on expensive designer furniture? Always keep in mind that less is absolutely more when it comes to decorating.

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