10 Miniature DIY Projects You Can Finish in an Hour (or Less)

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We’ve all seen those “how-to” videos where someone shows us how to do something cool with a few simple materials. But there’s nothing worse than starting a project only to spend hours prepping before being able to see results. It’s frustrating and time-consuming.

Thankfully, not all DIY projects take forever. There are tons of awesome miniature DIY projects you can finish in an hour or less. In actuality, a lot of them will take about 30 minutes. And they’re super fun!

Check out this list of fast and simple miniature DIY projects we’ve provided below, and you’ll have amazing new items to show off in no time.

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1) Macrame Knotted Hanging Plant Holder

Macrame Knotted Hanging Plant Holder

Image by Dima Berlin on iStock

Although macrame appears to be a sophisticated craft, it is only a matter of repeatedly tying knots in string. A plant hanger is among the simpler beginner macrame crafts. These are a gorgeously elegant way to showcase your potted plants throughout your home, and they look quite contemporary.

A macrame hanging plant can be made in a variety of ways for miniature DIY projects.

Check out the video above by Birch Store if you need a little assistance learning how to macramé.

2) Hanging Terrariums as Miniature DIY Projects

Hanging Terrariums As Miniature DIY Projects

Image by Tabatha Del Fabbro Lead Images on iStock

If interior design is your thing, you may have noticed hanging terrariums becoming popular. These are fantastic methods to add plants to your house.

Due to their modest size and low water requirement, succulents work particularly well. At the garden center at Home Depot, they often only cost $2 to $3 each.

Your terrarium should be ready to use in a short time.

You will need potting soil, pebbles, wire, and your plants for miniature DIY projects like this.

If you need ideas for the type of terrarium and plants you want, you can always search Pinterest. However, if you think you need help creating them, YouTube is full of instructional videos.

3) Line a Cabinet with Pretty Paper

Line A Cabinet With Pretty Paper

Image by baona on iStock

Covering the inside with a colorful piece of paper can easily transform a simple cabinet or dresser in less than an hour.

To showcase your favorite glassware and ceramics, use unused scraps of wallpaper, craft paper, or self-adhesive wallpaper to create a colorful backdrop. The display elements will stand out more if you select contrasting colors.

Your cabinet’s shelves should be taken out before you measure the inside. To create a consistent look for miniature DIY Projects like this, use a single length of wallpaper or cut off different pieces of paper in unique patterns or colors for each part. Check out this video to see how Christina Muscari achieved her awesome cabinet makeover.

4) Paint a Feature on Your Wall 

Paint A Feature On Your Wall

Image by Aleksandra Zlatkovic on iStock

Try a quick painting project to help separate a breakout breakfast area with a creative feature wall concept.

A quick tip for dividing up an open floor plan is to paint a contrast panel on a wall. A vibrant panel, whether a circle or a square, may also serve as a backdrop and provide a focal point if your furniture arrangement is compact.

Check out this YouTube tutorial on the many unique designs you can add to your walls to spice up your home!

5) Miniature DIY Projects: Hang a Simple Floating Shelf

Miniature DIY Projects Hang A Simple Floating Shelf

Image by Spiderplay on iStock

A fashionable and convenient miniature DIY project to incorporate extra storage or exhibition space is to use floating shelves. Whether it’s a set of shelves for books, photos, and decorations in a living room or a shelf for dinnerware and glasses in the dining room, the look is very chic.

Even if you only have rudimentary DIY experience, hanging a floating shelf shouldn’t be too challenging. Simply ensure the wall is solid and you have the proper fasteners to install your shelf. Then collect a drill and a spirit level. This helpful how-to-install a floating shelf tutorial has further information.

6) Miniature DIY Projects: Moroccan Inspired Tea Light Holder

Miniature DIY Projects Moroccan Inspired Tea Light Holder

Image by Anegada on iStock

These DIY tea light holders make for a lovely wedding or party centerpiece. When painted in a Morocco design, they look stunning.

To color a glass or mason jar, choose a paint that is more transparent. Additionally, you can purchase squeeze paint to add Moroccan patterns for the ultimate fiesta atmosphere.

Find out how to create these beautiful candle features here.

7) Concrete Planting Pots

Concrete Planting Pots

Image by Arx0nt on iStock

If you read a lot of interior design magazines, you might have noticed that concrete is really popular right now, especially among those who wish to build a home in the modern industrial style. Expensive concrete coffee tables and even plant containers are what’s hot for miniature DIY Projects.

Unbelievable as it may seem, making a concrete planter at home is actually incredibly simple and inexpensive.

To start your concrete creation, you must first make a plastic mold. Once the mold is secure, “Quikrete” concrete and water are combined in a container, and the mixture is then poured within. For three to five days, let it set and dry. Add your plants, and voila!

To find out the full process in more detail, watch this video tutorial.

8) Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Wall Hanging

Image by Elena_Ozornina on iStock

Macrame plant hangers were already discussed on this list. But when you get better at making macrame knots, you might wish to advance into making whole wall hangings for a few miniature DIY Projects. Depending on your ability and level of focus, this can be completed in less than an hour.

If you’ve never made anything with macramé, you can purchase a starting kit that includes everything you need. But as you gain skill, all you need is a big roll of macrame cord and a pair of hoops or a stick.

When you search online, a ton of free patterns and YouTube video tutorials are available.

9) Miniature DIY Projects: Acrylic Pour Painting

Miniature DIY Projects Acrylic Pour Painting 1

Image by: lithiumcloud on iStock

Acrylic pour art uses many colors of paint to produce a distinctive wave pattern that resembles marble. Acrylic pour art is unique and never looks the same. This is one of those DIY projects where you may immensely enjoy yourself as an adult.

You might need to prepare the materials in advance if you want to complete this activity with children. However, after everything is set up, kids can easily enjoy this miniature DIY project.

To facilitate pouring, you must blend your paint colors using a thinner.

A blank canvas, pouring medium, plastic cups, and several acrylic paint colors are all you need.

You don’t want the paint to spill out on your flooring. If at all feasible, take this project outside. Both Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby provide everything you need.

Check out this video on how to start acrylic pour painting for beginners.

10) Miniature DIY Projects: Change a Cabinet’s Handles and Knobs

Miniature DIY Projects Change A Cabinets Handles And Knobs

Image by draganab on iStock

It’s easy to modernize your kitchen on a budget by changing the knobs on the cabinets. Changing cabinet handles is easy enough for anyone to do. The process takes no time at all.

This project requires minimal tools. To swap out the old handles with new ones, just unscrew the old ones. This video will show you how to quickly and simply change the cabinet handles.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you have a little free time and a few tools around the house, you can create dozens of fun projects that will take less than an hour to complete. From acrylic pour painting to creating a mini terrarium, let these 10 quick and easy miniature DIY projects inspire you.

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