Top 5 Log Cabin Ideas from Around the World

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Log cabins are “in” these days. Here, you can find the top 5 log cabin ideas from around the world if you’re thinking about building one or improving the one you already have.

Whether it’s the shape, or the environment surrounding your log cabin, there’s a lot you can do with your humble abode to make it more pleasing and comforting.

The world has a plethora of inspirations for log cabins. Of course, we naturally look to cabin getaways and resorts to find inspiration, but don’t be intimidated by the seemingly elegant appearance of these cabins.

The goal is to find log cabin ideas and inspiration so you can use these as a blueprint for your own log home.

Here’s a summary of our top 5 ideas you can use to build or spruce up your log cabin:

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Top Five Log Cabin Ideas from Around the World: Choose a Unique Shape

an A-frame cabin

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It all starts with the shape. With so many log cabins, you want yours to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you can always go with a traditional log cabin house, but there are many other shapes to consider.

If you’re bold enough, you might want to look at these globe-like cabins on Vancouver Island, Canada. They’re situated in the middle of the rainforest, so they get plenty of nature.

Or, if you’re more conservative in style, building an A-frame cabin like this one in Skykomish, Washington, is not a bad idea.

And even though it depends on location, you can try designing your log cabin to jut out into the land or a body of water like these gorgeous architectural cabins in Manshausen Island, Norway. Yes, it’s a little daring, but living on the edge can be fun, too.

Let us inspire you with ideas for the log cabin of your dreams!

Decorate with Comfort

Comfortable cabin bedroom

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A log cabin is often used during summer or winter vacation stays. Or you may live permanently in a log cabin. In other words, it’s home. Whether temporary or otherwise, you always want to be comfortable at home. So don’t forget to decorate your log cabin with comfort.

The log cabins you see online might look too fancy for you, but they can help you generate plenty of decorating ideas.

This New Zealand log cabin resort aims for a quaint look, and you can make your own log cabin truly quaint by furnishing it with your favorite objects: oversized cushions, plush sofas, leather chairs, and small knick-knacks from your childhood or travels.

Why not blend in with the nature around you? Choose neutral (black, white, beige, or gray) or natural colors (green, brown, warm orange), add textures by incorporating other materials (not just wood), and use reclaimed objects whenever you can.

And if you can’t find a reclaimed object, buying one—like a comfortable bed—won’t go amiss.

Log Cabin Ideas: Keep It Simple

Log Cabin Ideas Keep It Simple

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The best log cabins are functional but not extravagant. Of course, you should be comfortable in your cabin, but you don’t always have to buy expensive items to fill your space. As these huts in Portugal show, you can go completely rustic but still enjoy the height of elegance.

You often get away to a log cabin to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, to be alone with yourself or your favorite people, and enjoy some quality time. There’s not much you should need to achieve that, so putting away distractions like electronics is ideal.

But just because you emphasize functionality, it doesn’t mean your cabin can’t be luxurious. These stylish huts in Dor, Israel, prove that there can be luxury in a tiny space. Just remember to keep things simple and prioritize your well-being.

Play with Lighting

Play With Lighting

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Creative lighting can go a long way to make your log cabin even more inviting. Design your cabin with natural light in mind, or use a single light source with intense illumination to brighten your entire space.

One way to achieve natural lighting is by incorporating a glass ceiling in your cabin design, like these igloo-shaped cabins in an Arctic resort in Finland.

This allows you to take advantage of nature to determine your lighting. During the day, you can depend on sunlight; at night, you can turn on incandescent light bulbs for atmospheric brilliance.

Another way is to strategically place your light source inside the cabin to shine on the entire space. This works for smaller cabins, like these minimalistic eco-cabins in Washington. A fireplace may work well, too, in a compact area.

You can always manipulate the placement of an energy-saving standing lamp for a warm glow in your cabin.

Log Cabin Ideas: Add a Garden

Log Cabin Ideas Add A Garden

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The final idea to make your cabin exceptional is to add a garden. It can be a flower, vegetable, or herbal garden. The important thing is not to let the natural beauty around your cabin go to waste.

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have a green thumb. Most of the time, nature will help you grow the plants around your home. That’s why log cabin homes are often found in isolated locations where there’s plenty of greenery around them.

But gardening is highly recommended for those who want to enhance the beauty of their log cabin.

It might take a little time before your garden yields results, but the process is worth it. This video from Living Big In A Tiny House shows you how investing in a garden can be an excellent idea for what to do with the land next to or around your log cabin.

Not only will your cabin look physically beautiful, but it might end up being a self-sustainable place for you to live!

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