7 DIYs for a More Organized, Spacious Closet

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Very few things will hold you up each morning more than a disorganized closet.

If you find yourself trying to beat the clock to get to work on time every day, having a closet that isn’t well organized can make your life much more difficult. What’s worse, you’re then already stressed before even considering the hold up of rush hour traffic.

Doesn’t sound fun, right? It is time to shake things up in the early hours of the morning by giving your closet a good sort out. If it looks like yours is in a state of disorder right now, don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Here are seven do-it-yourself solutions that will get you started on organizing your closet.

1. Invest in Uniform Hangers

invest in uniform hangers

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Investing in hangers of the same size is one of the easiest ways to make a noticeable difference in the organization of your wardrobe.

Consider sleek choices made of velvet or wood for the highest possible combination of form and function. Then, if you coordinate them with the rest of the room’s design, you will immediately bring the whole area up a notch.

2. Use Baskets and Storage Bins for your spacious closet

use baskets and storage bins

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If you want to avoid having your neatly folded clothes and accessories looking disorganized, put them in a storage basket rather than stuffing them into a cubby hole. You can choose from choices made of wicker or fabric at various stores.

It will be more challenging to access the contents of stacked storage bins with lids, but this will assist in maximizing the amount of space available on each shelf.

If you choose to proceed in this manner, label the front of each container to make locating the items you need simpler. Or, you may opt to use the do-it-yourself “Hikidashi” boxes to tidy your drawers in the style of Marie Kondo.

3. Don’t Leave Your Shoes on the Floor

dont leave your shoes on the floor

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A shoe rack is an absolute must in your wardrobe because your shoes are the crown jewels of your collection. Make it easy to get what you need by organizing things according to color or design.

Stackable shoe storage will provide double the functionality when it comes to do-it-yourself closet organizing. You can store those flats used less frequently while preventing damage to your footwear from dust and other elements.

4. Double Your Hanging Space with Soda Tabs

double your hanging space with soda tabs

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Do you need more places to hang things? Then, take note of this easy hack that uses the tab from a carbonated beverage. This tactic is convenient if you have a walk-in closet that is on the smaller side.

Simply slide a hanger through one end of the tab, and then attach another hanger to the opposite side of the aluminum.

5. Hang Purses with Hooks to Show Them Off

hang purses with hooks to show them off

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It is simple to cram your totes into a niche and forget about them. Instead, use purse hooks to enable you to feature your bags and provide easy access.

Acrylic purse hangers are the best option when you don’t want the hardware to distract from the overall appearance.

Similarly, using metal hooks would protect your handbag handles from being crushed while allowing you to display them elegantly.

6. Create a Seasonal Rotation for you spacious closet

create a seasonal rotation

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Getting rid of clutter is an excellent initial step when organizing a closet, but establishing a seasonal clothing rotation is another approach to help preserve space in the closet.

Clearly label containers for the summer and winter seasons, and use a vacuum sealer to store any articles of clothing you won’t need.

You’ll find that this storage option is highly useful in optimizing your closet space, particularly if you can store the out-of-season ware in the garage or alternative storage unit.

7. Organize by Color your spacious closet

organize by color

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By sorting the goods in your closet according to color, you will have an easier time finding what you’re looking for, and the space will also appear more organized.

It’s best to start with the clothes category and then arrange the items by color in the rainbow sequence (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). It is possible to arrange prints and patterns anywhere on the spectrum where you think they feel most at home.

Key Takeaways for your spacious closet

key takeaways

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With just these seven easy DIY solutions, you can transform your closet from cluttered and dark to clean and bright. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can save, and how much more functional your closet will become.

To recap, here’s a summary:

  1. Purchasing uniform hangers may assist you in organizing your wardrobe. Instantly elevate the look of the space by harmonizing their style with the existing furnishings.
  2. Utilizing storage containers and baskets will help optimize the space available on each shelf.
  3. Shoes are shielded from dust and other potential contaminants with stackable shoe storage, which also doubles the amount of space.
  4. Use soda tabs as a creative solution to increase the amount of space available for hanging garments.
  5. If you use metal hooks to hang your handbag handles, they will be protected from damage. Plus, you can elegantly exhibit your purses to go with your bedroom decor.
  6. Seasonal clothing rotation can help save space. Label summer and winter containers, and vacuum seal any apparel that will not be used.
  7. Organize the items in your closet according to color. Not only will it be much simpler for you to find what you need, but the room will also appear better put together.

If you make the effort to keep your closet tidy, it will free up space and save you valuable time for that work commute, or even allow you to have an extra morning coffee to start your day right!


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