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Building your own log home is the ultimate DIY project. Modern-day builders can create a log home without needing to cut their own wood by getting the best log cabin kits and building supplies manufacturers have to offer.

Cabin kits come in different shapes and sizes, just like container homes. They’re meant to help you build your log cabin efficiently even when you don’t have much experience in construction.

There are many companies in the United States offering cabin kits. We’re recommending the best ones based on reviews and reputation.

But before you find out which companies offer the best kits, take a look at the summary of what you will read in this article.

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Considerations for Choosing a Cabin Kit

Choosing a Cabin Kit

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These prefabricated homes will typically already have everything you need: windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, flooring, and much more. Some companies even provide landscaping. You don’t want to buy an incomplete kit that will cost you even more money to make.

Before purchasing a kit from a manufacturer, check first if the kit has all the supplies you need for your home.

Furthermore, consider buying your log cabin kit locally. When you buy directly from a local supplier, you avoid shipping fees. Some companies may even offer free delivery depending on the distance.

With so many different manufacturers offering kits, it can be hard to choose one. Ask these questions to help evaluate the options. Once you’ve gathered this information, you can make your choice and start building your dream home.

  1. Quality: Does the product contain high-quality materials? Does it come with instructions and warranty information?
  2. Warranty: What does the warranty cover? Do I have protection against defects? What recourse do I have in case there are problems with my cabin?
  3. Durability: How durable are the materials? Are the logs appropriately treated? Can the finished product withstand the forces of nature?
  4. Price: How much does the package cost? Is shipping included?
  5. Service: Who do you call if something goes wrong? Does the company have project managers who can address issues and answer questions?
  6. Reputation: Has anyone else had problems with this particular company? Have they been around long enough to build up a good reputation?

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

Moosehead Cedar Log Homes

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With a thirty-year history, the Maine-based Moosehead Cedar Log Homes offers both standard packages and custom design services. As you can glean from the name, cedar takes center stage in their kits and supplies.

This company uses white cedar, a durable wood species that makes for a durable home. If you want to build a long-lasting home, consider buying a kit from Moosehead Cedar Log Homes.

An example of the kits available from this Maine-based company is Haven, a tiny log home of 1,114 square feet with two levels, two bedrooms, and one bath. For a more upscale log home, try the one-level Brassua with its three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Finger Lakes Log Homes

Finger Lakes Log Homes

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Thirty years ago, Michael Griffin, owner of the Finger Lakes Log Homes in New York, started building homes from pine trees. He carried the timber out of the forest, trucked it to his site, and cut the logs to size. And then he began selling kit homes.

Three models are available from Finger Lakes Log Homes. The Chemung model is a medium-sized, 2,000-square-foot log home with three bedrooms and two baths. It’s priced at around $65K. Meanwhile, the Keuka model has three bedrooms for a small family, with an open dining and living room area.

The most popular model, however, is the Schuyler. It’s a deluxe model containing, among other features, French doors, gable end glass, and a full-length porch. Imagine relaxing in Adirondack chairs or rocking chairs on that porch!

The Original Log Cabin Homes

BUILDING A Log Cabin Home

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The Original Log Cabin Homes is a cabin kit manufacturer that places a high value on wood. They make sure to use every portion of the wood, whether for construction materials, landscaping, or other features, and their log grading process is certified to be environmentally friendly.

They also offer many diverse species of wood, including eastern white pine, northern white cedar, western red cedar, bald cypress, and many others.

Founded in 1987 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, The Original Log Cabin Homes provide a broad selection of styles, ranging from the simple Chesapeake cabin to the elaborate Buffalo Lodge, which has two levels and three bedrooms.

Attending one of their free construction seminars will allow you to get the knowledge necessary to create your own home in any of their available styles.

Conestoga Log Cabins

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Conestoga Log Cabins offers a variety of log cabin designs that you will adore, whether you want to construct your weekend escape or a permanent rustic home.

For example, for $18,900, you may purchase a 232-square-foot Shenandoah cabin. Or, if you have the budget to go big, you can own a 2,312-square-foot Windsor home with a garage for $157,900.

There are, in fact, many options from Conestoga Log Cabins. They provide both traditional log models and specialty ones. An American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant model is also available, as well as hunting cabins and tiny homes.

This Pennsylvanian company also partners up with the Boy Scouts of America, and you can find their cabins in over thirty state parks around the country.

Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes

Log and Timber Home

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Founded in 1996 by brothers Jim and Tom Hildebrandt, Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes is one of North America’s largest builders of log home communities.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, some of their most popular floor plans include the Silverado, the Summit, the Peak, and the Mountain View. All of their homes come fully furnished and prewired.

Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes kits are advertised as energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. This includes having low-maintenance yards, green roofs, rainwater catchment systems, solar panels, and energy-saving appliances.

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